Project Type: Geothermal Installation


Our client was seeking a renewable energy source to heat and cool their home, as well as reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. Based on their homesite, a favorable rebate program, and tax incentives, we recommended a geothermal system.


Our design called for drilling three, five hundred foot-deep wells containing polyethylene piping to create a closed-loop condenser water system. Connected to the closed-loop system is a six-ton heat pump unit that provides heat or air conditioning throughout the residence; this flexibility allows the customer to call for heat or air conditioning at any time, independent of the time of year or outdoor ambient temperatures. With this design, the heat pumps can either add or remove heat to a residence; as required based on the ambient and outdoor temperatures, and transfer the heat to the earth via the closed-loop geothermal field.


The geothermal system, including the geothermal field and 6-ton heat pumps, function as designed; providing a comfortable indoor environment both throughout the residence and throughout the year—without the direct consumption of fossil fuels. The closed-loop design does not add or remove any water from the local aquifer—the water simply moves heat energy either out of or into the residence, with the heat pump acting as the heat exchanger between the air and the water.


Well Type


Well Depth

Three, 500-foot wells

Casing Details


Intake Design


Drilling Method

Mud Rotary

Water Yield


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