water treatment

Reliable water treatment for new and existing systems

Water Testing

To help inform our recommendation for the right water treatment system for your situation, we suggest testing your water. Manosh offers comprehensive and reliable water analysis. We conduct mineral testing in-house, and can arrange a bacteria test through a state-certified lab. Once testing is complete, we can prescribe various solutions to your particular situation.

Water treatment

Water Treatment Solutions

Manosh sells, leases, installs and services a range of high quality water treatment products.

Water Softeners & Filters

We offer a range of softeners and filters to treat any water quality problem and remove contaminates: softeners filter out most dissolved minerals, iron filters take out high levels of dissolved iron in water, and acid neutralizers boost the PH level in acidic water—improving both the taste and the odor of your water.

Automatic Ultra Filter Systems

With an automated Ultra water filter, you get worry-free water maintenance. There are no filters to change, and Ultra filters remove particulates down to 0.02 microns, small enough to remove most viruses, cysts and bacterium.

Water Cartridges

This is the simplest “do-it-yourself” method of water treatment. Just install a cartridge and it will remove particulates in your water—down to the micron size of the cartridge. But remember, cartridges need to be replaced regularly in order to do their job.

Ultra Violet (UV) Lights

Ultra violet lights are used to sanitize water from a range of bacteria, including coliform and giardia. The UV lights deactivate the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and thus destroy their ability to multiply and cause disease.

Depth Filters

Depth filter cartridges retain a wide range of different sized particles throughout an entire cross section of the filter, and are effective for clarifying cloudy water. We offer long life, high efficient depth filters with superior dirt holding capacity.

Service & Maintenance Programs

All wells, pumps and treatment systems should be regularly maintained to help ensure worry-free high water quality. Water treatment inspection and corresponding service varies with the type of equipment installed, and desired level of extended service..

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