The Manosh DR-24

Comprehensive drilling solutions for water well and specialty drilling needs.

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When the going gets rough, the crew at Manosh gets going.

From 6-inch to 8-foot diameter capacity, Manosh provides drilling services for domestic and municipal wells, as well as specialized drilling for a broad range of construction environments, including foundation pilings, hydraulic elevator jacks, bridge piles, irrigation wells, geothermal wells, and other projects requiring tightly spaced drilling and boring.

To do a job right, you need the right stuff.

Manosh brings unique capabilities to a wide variety of construction projects with our Foremost DR-24—one of the only dual rotary drills in the northeastern U.S. capable of setting casing up to 24 inches in diameter. The Foremost DR-24 has been proven repeatedly in some of the toughest unconsolidated overburden formations, including sand, gravel, glacial till, and boulders, and features:

  • Open-Hole Versatility – The DR can be configured for a variety of drilling methods including mud, reverse circulation, and flooded reverse circulation.
  • Straight Holes – The rotation of the casing by the lower drive results in a very straight hole making it ideal for shaft holes and foundation piles. This also minimizes stress on casing and casing welds, and eases the task of installing screens and pumps in water well applications.
  • Basin Extraction – The lower drive is equally effective at pulling back casing, thereby simplifying the process of exposing a well screen or abandoning a well.
  • Utilizes Conventional Tools – The drill string can be equipped with down-the-hole hammer, roller cone, or drag bit.
  • Control of Discharge – Cuttings are diverted through the discharge swivel and can be directed to a safe and convenient dumping or monitoring point.

Some Clients Served

Manosh is fully licensed, bonded and insured in Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York, and our clients have included:

  • The Mirror Theatre — Greensboro, VT
  • Sugarbush Property Group — Warren, VT
  • Vermont National Guard — North Hyde Park, VT
  • Vermont Agency of Transportation — Craftsbury, VT
  • Mid-Coast School of Techonology — Rockland, ME
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