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From homeowners to municipalities,
ongoing maintenance is the key to a healthy underground infrastructure.


Septic Pumping & Sewer Inspection

Manosh provides comprehensive inspection, cleaning and pumping services to ensure your system is properly operating. Our pumping services cover routine septic tank pumping, jetting and inspection, and our camera technicians deploy the latest closed-circuit TV (CCTV) equipment to inspect 3-inch to 90-inch pipes.

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Storm Water & Catch Basin Cleaning

From municipalities and contractors, to property managers and homeowners, you can rely on Manosh for all your catch basin cleaning, line jetting, and hyrdo-excavating. With the latest Vactor 2100 combination units, we quickly and effectively clean lines, and vacuum sand, rocks, and leaves. In addition, we transport all material to an approved site for disposal.

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Hydro-Vac Excavation

Hydro Excavating is a safer and more efficient ground excavation alternative where conventional digging is not possible or practical. Using the vacuum tube and a hand-held high-pressure water jet, we precisely cut away ground material, exposing “hidden” underground utilities. By trenching vertically or horizontally, all material is vacuumed into a debris tank for transportation offsite.

Hydro Vac

Line Jetting

High pressure line cleaning is accomplished with a one-inch rodder hose and specialized nozzles capable of producing up to 100 gallons-per-minute (gpm) at 2,500 pounds-per-square-inch (psi) though the pipeline. Pipes ranging from 6 to 120 inches diameter are cleaned by vacuuming sand, rocks and other debris into a 15-yard tank, and transported offsite.

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Pump/Lift Station Maintenance

A scheduled pump/lift station cleaning and inspection can save costly repairs and overtime hours, and we encourage you to set up a regular maintenance program for your business or municipality to help limit the number of late-night call-outs and overflow.

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