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Well Drilling

Quality drilling, installation, components and related services for water wells.

With three drill rigs, six service crews, 24/7 emergency customer service, and more than 18,000+ successful installations, Manosh is the go-to resource for water wells, and related products and services. Manosh has been drilling, installing and servicing residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and municipal wells for 60+ years.

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Manosh services include:

Well Location & Depth Consultation

There are several factors to consider when determining the site of a well. Water wells must be located at a higher elevation than any source of possible contamination. In addition, point of use, maintenance accessibility, and state and local laws must be considered. In general, residential water wells should supply enough water for 100 gallons per day per person, while commercial, industrial, agricultural and municipal wells require more. Manosh is expert at estimating the required well depth to achieve the desired water supply.

Well Rehabilitation

While not all under-performing wells can be restored to yield desired water volume, Manosh has the equipment and expertise to determine the feasibility of well restoration, and then make it so. A Pump Test can determine whether there is a sufficient recovery rate, and our down-hole video camera helps determine existing problems. Often used as an economical alternative to drilling a new well for under-performing wells, hydrofracturing can increase the yield of low production water wells. By pumping a high volume of water into the well under extreme pressure, this procedure cleans out the fractures in the rock, allowing more water to flow.

Water Testing

In all likelihood, the water coming into your house is fine. However, you may want to have your water tested if: you’re buying a home; have recurring incidents of gastrointestinal illness; see water stains on your plumbing fixtures and laundry; your pump regularly wears out; your water appears cloudy, colored, or frothy; and/or you’re pregnant, anticipating pregnancy, or have an infant. Manosh offers comprehensive and reliable water analysis. We conduct mineral testing in-house, and can arrange a bacteria test through a state-certified lab. Once testing is complete, we can prescribe various solutions to your particular situation.

Service & Maintenance Programs

Life without on-demand potable water is inconvenient at best, and realistically impossible. This is why Manosh offers a variety of service and maintenance options, providing peace of mind and reliable response times. In addition, Manosh customers have access to 24/7 emergency service.

Manosh uses the finest components, including:

  • Leak-proof impervious casing—lining the well through the layers of earth, semi-porous rock and solid rock—keeps the surrounding materials from caving in, and sediment and impurities out of the well.
  • Manosh sources an extensive line of piping, providing reliable and worry-free access to clean and healthy water.
  • Goulds Water Technology pumps are made in the USA with pride in craftsmanship, and are warrantied for five years.
  • Well-X-Trol is the world’s most trusted brand of well tanks, setting the standard for quality, reliability and performance, and are warrantied for seven years.
  • Manosh offers a complete range of proven water treatment systems and supplies, including softeners, filters, sanitizers and more.
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Manosh is a proud member of:

Associated General Contractors Of AmericaAssociated General Contractors of America
Associated General Contractors Of VermontAssociated General Contractors of Vermont
New England Water Well Association Inc.New England Water Well Association Inc.
National Ground Water AssociationNational Ground Water Association
Vermont Ground Water Association Inc.Vermont Ground Water Association Inc.