Project Type: Geothermal Installation


Our client wanted to upgrade the HVAC mechanical system of their home, and create a “zero net metering” scenario where, over the course of a year, the electrical energy consumed vs. generated amounts to a net zero.


We designed a geothermal system with the appropriate capacity for the size and aspect of the residence, and drilled four 500- foot deep wells containing polyethylene piping to create a closed-loop condenser water system. Connected to the closed-loop system is a 10-ton heat pump unit that provides heat or air conditioning throughout the residence; this flexibility allows the customer to call for heat or air conditioning at any time, independent of the time of year or outdoor ambient temperatures. In this application, the heat pumps can either add or remove heat to a residence; as required based on the indoor temperature set-points, and transfer the heat to the earth via the closed-loop geothermal field.


The combined result of the geothermal system and a PV system (photovoltaic solar array) achieved the goal of creating a “net zero” residential home; the net utility consumption of the home, over the course of the year, averages out to zero.


Well Type


Well Depth

Four, 500-foot wells

Casing Details


Intake Design


Drilling Method

Mud Rotary

Water Yield


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